Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing? 10 Ways to Fix

Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing? 10 Ways to Fix

TikTok has established itself as our go-to app for entertainment and artistic expression, from amusing sketches to viral dances. However, the app abruptly breaks just as you’re browsing through your For You feed! Don’t worry if TikTok’s frequent crashes are making you feel down; we’ve got you covered. In this thorough article, we’ll examine the main causes of TikTok’s frequent outages and offer straightforward troubleshooting advice to get it back up and running. By the time you’re done, you’ll have the technical know-how necessary to fix the buggy app and resume enjoying TikTok uninterrupted. Let’s start, the answers are simpler than you think!

Check Your Internet Connection

The most obvious reason TikTok may crash is an unstable internet connection. TikTok requires a steady internet connection to load videos and content smoothly. Make sure you’re connected to a strong WiFi network or cellular data. Run a speed test to confirm you have sufficient bandwidth – TikTok recommends at least 5Mbps download speed for smooth playback. Restrictive firewalls, VPN usage, or connecting through public WiFi can also impact connectivity. Switch to a more reliable connection or disable your VPN temporarily to see if that fixes TikTok crashing.

Update the App

An outdated version of the TikTok app can lead to crashing and bugs. TikTok frequently rolls out updates and patches to fix issues, so make sure you’re running the latest version. On iOS devices, go to the App Store and check for any available updates. On Android, open the Play Store and tap “My Apps & Games” to see if TikTok needs updating. Install the latest version and try using the app again. Also, ensure your iOS and Android operating systems are updated to benefit from the latest optimizations.

Reinstall the App

Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing? 10 Ways to Fix"

If TikTok crashes persist even after updating, try reinstalling the app completely. Uninstall TikTok, power cycle your phone, then reinstall a fresh copy from the app store. Reinstallation wipes out any corrupted cached data that may be causing conflicts. When reinstalling, check that TikTok has permission to access your device’s camera, microphone, contacts, storage, etc. Conflicts with app permissions can lead to technical issues.

Free Up Storage Space

As the TikTok app cache builds up over time, a lack of storage space can contribute to crashing. Try freeing up storage space on your device to help TikTok run more smoothly. Offload large files and apps you no longer use. Manage and clear caches for apps and browsers using your phone’s storage settings. Delete old photos, downloads, and music from internal storage. Optimizing storage space prevents sluggish performance and crashes in TikTok and other apps.

Force Stop the App

Sometimes TikTok may freeze or become unresponsive, requiring you to force stop the app. On Android, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See All Apps > TikTok > Force Stop. On iOS, double-click the home button and swipe up on the TikTok preview to force close it. Restarting the TikTok app essentially refreshes the program and clears up any temporary glitches. Only use force stops as a last resort if TikTok is completely frozen.

Turn Off Battery Saver/Power Saving Mode

To optimize battery life, some phones restrict apps running in the background. This can disrupt TikTok’s processes and make it more prone to crashing. Disable any battery-saver or power-saving modes on your device that may be limiting TikTok functionality. Go to Settings > Battery > Turn off Battery Saver or any Power Saving modes. Allow TikTok to run fully in the background without interference from power restrictions.

Update Your Phone Software

Besides app updates, also keep your Android or iOS operating system updated. Software updates include vital bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements. On iOS, go to Settings > General > Software Update to upgrade to the latest iOS version. On Android, tap Settings > System > Advanced > System Update. Keeping your phone OS updated ensures compatibility with apps like TikTok and resolves any platform-specific issues.

Why Does TikTok Keep Crashing? 10 Ways to Fix"

Turn Your Phone Off and On Again

The simple restarting of your smartphone can surprisingly fix many glitches and crashes. Completely power off your phone and leave it off for at least 30 seconds. Then power it back on and try opening TikTok. Restarting cleans out memory closes all running processes, and resets your phone’s chipset. This can resolve any temporary conflicts causing TikTok to crash. Power cycling your phone may be all you need to get TikTok working again.

Clear TikTok’s Cache and Data

Over time, corrupted app data gets stored in TikTok’s cache and can make the app unstable. Clearing the cache and app data forces TikTok to start fresh, which may stop any crashing issues. On iOS, delete and reinstall TikTok to clear the app data. On Android, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > TikTok > Storage > Clear Cache and Clear Data. This deletes temporary files, login details, search history, preferences, etc. Re-entering your login info and preferences in TikTok can get a clean slate.

Contact TikTok Support

If all else fails, reach out to TikTok’s customer support for additional troubleshooting. In the TikTok app, go to your profile > Settings and Support > Report a Problem to submit feedback to TikTok’s engineers. Thoroughly describe the crashing issue and when it occurs. TikTok Support can investigate server-side problems, identify conflicts, recover lost content, or provide specialized troubleshooting tips. Getting assistance directly from TikTok can resolve persistent crashing that you can’t fix yourself.


Though annoying, do not become alarmed if TikTok begins to malfunction. The majority of the time, straightforward problem-solving on your end may get TikTok operating again flawlessly. Update your app, restart your phone, and check your internet connection—these simple actions have a big impact. The TikTok support team is available to assist in recovering your account and locating persistent bugs in case of any major crashing problems. You won’t have to worry about TikTok crashes anymore if you have these remedies in your back pocket. Get back to making and viewing those amazing videos now! You can fix TikTok issues and get your viewing experience back with the appropriate expertise.

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